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Apollo Roofing Company Explains Commercial Roof Coatings

Sep 5

If you are a business owner in Walnut Creek, CA, you know that putting a coating on the roof of your commercial building can save you a lot of money in the long run.  Apollo Roofing Company in Walnut Creek, CA can apply a coating when you get a new roof to extend the life of your new flat commercial roof.  Or if your flat roof is getting old, having it re-coated can help you get a few more years of protection before you have to completely replace the roof.

Why Get a Commercial Roof Coating?

The synthetic membrane that is used to roof flat commercial roofs is subject to a lot of stress from the elements.  A top-notch commercial roofer from Apollo Roofing Company can explain to you how a coating cuts down on these stresses.

One advantage of commercial roof coatings is that they improve the fire resistance of your roof.  Also, a commercial roof coating protects the roof from UV rays – an important consideration here in sunny California.


The first-class commercial roofers near me at Apollo Roofing Company will explain how putting on a coating makes the flat roof reflect the sun.  This keeps the actual roofing membrane from expanding and contracting because the temperature of the membrane doesn’t experience such big temperature swings.  This, in turn, makes the roofing membrane last longer.

Good for Your Company Budget

Having your commercial roof coated is much cheaper than having a whole new roof installed.  If your roof is getting old and will need replacement soon, you can put that cost off till later if you just have it coated instead.

Different Types of Commercial Roof Coatings

The premiere commercial roofing company near me, Apollo Roofing Company can tell me all about the different kinds of coatings available.  Most importantly, they can tell me what works best in our California climate and what works best over the top of the roof I presently have.

Acrylic Commercial Roof Coating

This coating is water-based but still waterproof.  It is excellent for sunny climates because it is very reflective.  It usually comes in white and tan.

Silicone Commercial Roof Coating

A reputable commercial roof repair company will tell you that a silicone coating is best for wet environments where water tends to pond on the roof.

Cold Applied Roof Coatings

These coatings can be applied at room temperature.  They don’t have to be heated up in order to apply them, so there is less labor cost.

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