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How Much Gutter Repair Cost in 2022?

Aug 4


Rain gutters are important for their function. They drain rainwater from your home and prevent costly damage to your basement or crawl space. Gutters that are not in good condition or neglected will be unable to do their crucial job.

Not all gutters that are damaged or neglected need to be replaced. Sometimes, simple repairs can get your gutters back to working order. Regular repairs can prolong the life of your gutters and save you money in the long term.

About Gutter Repair

Many companies that provide gutter cleaning and installation also offer gutter repair services. These services include fixing holes, sealing leaky corner joints, and reattaching downspouts and gutters removed from your home. You should address these problems immediately to ensure a long-lasting gutter.

It is recommended that gutters be checked yearly as part of routine cleaning. Gutter services are happy to inspect your gutters while you're still on the ladder and recommend repairs.

While it is possible to repair the gutter yourself, you could make things worse if your skills aren't up-to-the-mark. For example, you can't simply nail vinyl gutters into place. You risk damaging the gutters further and cracking them. Call a professional if you are unsure of what to do.

Cost of Gutter Repair

The total cost of gutter repair depends on the required repair type, how large the area is affected, and where you live. While repairs can cost anywhere from $200 to $1,000, most are in the middle. Spend on a per-gutter budget:


  • Repair a 10-foot gutter: $100-130
  • Repair a 10-to-20-foot gutter at $130-$150
  • Repair a gutter 20-30 feet in length from $150 to $175
  • Repair a 40-to-50-foot gutter at the cost of $175-$200

Types of Gutter Repair Cost

Apart from the general material, gutter repair costs can also vary depending on the type. Professional assistance is required for seamless gutter installation and repair. Sectional gutters can be done as part of a DIY project.

Seamless Gutter Repairs

Maintaining seamless systems requires that you hire pros. The associated costs for seamless gutters are more expensive. For an average seamless gutter repair job, expect to pay $140-$300.

Repairs to Sectional Gutter

Comparatively, sectional gutters are much easier to repair. It is easy to replace or patch sections. You may be able to do the job yourself if you have the right tools and know-how. You can expect to pay between $120 and $220 for most repairs for professional assistance.

Final Thoughts

A well-functioning gutter system should be a top priority for home maintenance. A well-functioning gutter system will drain water away from the foundation, protect your landscaping, and prevent water damage around your home. You can get estimates from professionals before you commit to any action.

The cost of your total project will vary depending on what type of gutters and gutter material you choose and the services you require. To make the best decision, you must speak with at least two professional gutter contractors in your area. Hire a professional if your home is older and needs repairs or maintenance to existing fascia boards.