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How Much Does It Cost To Replace The Gutters Around The House?

Aug 4


Gutter replacement costs can be an additional $2 per linear foot to project the total cost. This extra cost includes labor to remove the gutters and disposal fees. You should check with the gutter replacement company before you start the job. Removal and disposal fees might already be included in the estimate.

You will need to replace the damaged sections of the fascia board and soffit if they are rotted or damaged. These repairs cost $6-$20 per linear foot and $13 for each foot. Below is a table that shows the cost of gutter replacement, including extra charges for gutter removal or disposal.

  • The average Price is $3,500
  • The highest cost is $5,500
  • The lowest cost is $1,500

Gutter Replacement Cost

The old gutters must be taken down before you can install new gutters. It is a simple but tedious job that can take between $0.65 to $0.85 per linear foot. The average gutter replacement cost per linear foot is between $3.65 and $50.85. Your costs could be as high as $1.50 per square foot if your gutters are difficult to remove or made from a material that is hard to dispose of or recycle. The average 150-foot gutter replacement project costs $550 to $7,600.

Enhancement and Improvement costs

Gutter Guards

Install gutter guards if you live in an area that has many trees. They keep leaves and other debris from your gutter, so it stays cleaner. These can be purchased for $1200 to $2,000 at an average price.

Gutter Cleaning

Regular cleaning of your gutters is essential to prevent clogs that can lead to a shorter lifespan, a leaky roof, or water damage to your house. Gutter cleaning is about $150-$225 on average.

Gutter Painting

Gutter painting is an affordable alternative to replacement. Some gutters can be painted to enhance their appearance. Some gutters are not meant to be painted. The average cost to paint yours is around $2 per linear foot. However, many painters charge a minimum of $500.

Heat Tape

Heat tape is a way to keep your gutters warm in winter. It is an electrical wire that is placed inside the gutters. For most homes, it costs between $500 and $650.

Benefits of Replacing Your Gutters

Protects you for many years

Protecting your home from water damage is one of the main reasons you should replace your gutter system. If water isn't flowing through your gutter correctly, it can overflow onto your property or leak into other areas. Water can build up around your home and flood the basement, causing damage to the foundation.

Exposure to water can cause the siding to become unsightly or require replacement. Water can damage your house and patio as well as your driveway. You can avoid staining bricks, cracking porches, and drowning plants by installing a gutter replacement.

Curb Appeal Increases

After finding best Gutter experts will improve your house's marketability. A functional gutter will make your house more attractive and prevent potential buyers from being turned away. You don't have to be concerned about the appearance of your house. A home that looks great can make you proud.

Prevents Hazards

Failing gutter systems can pose a danger in multiple ways. Extra water runoff can make grass and other surfaces slippery, making them dangerous to walk on. If the water remains too long, pests and insects may find a home there.

Insufficient drainage can lead to an ice dam in winter. An ice dam can cause structural damage to your house because of the weight and pressure accumulated snow and water put on your roof.


Here you read the gutter replacement cost. Let's hand over the gutter replacement project to professional and experienced workers to avoid any water damage around your house.