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Affordable Gutter Repair Cost 2022

Aug 4


Are your gutters leaking, cracked, or dented? Learn how much it costs to repair gutters by reading our detailed guide. 

It would be best if you immediately repaired any cracks or dents found in your gutters. These cracks could become leaks, leading to more serious and expensive problems, like foundation shifting, mold growth, and other water damage to your house.


This guide outlines the average price of gutter repair and the factors that affect it. The gutter repair rapid city sd also recommends the best gutter protectors to prevent clogs and save money on future repairs.

How much do gutter repairs cost?

Gutter repair costs can between $151 to $600. * The cost of gutter repairs will vary depending on the type of gutters and the size and location of your home. A minor repair to vinyl gutters of 10 feet may cost about $65, while a more extensive repair to aluminum gutters could cost approximately $1,000.


Here's a breakdown of the cost of repairing popular gutter types.


  • Gutter Type: Average Cost (Including Labor)
  • Vinyl:             $4–$8 per linear foot
  • Aluminum: $5–$8 per linear foot
  • Steel:             $10–$18 per linear foot
  • Copper:         $25+ per linear foot
  • Zinc:             $30+ per linear foot

Gutter Repair Costs Per Story

Gutter repairs for single-story homes will be less expensive than those for homes with multiple stories. Your home will have more stories, so the labor and materials required for repairs will be more expensive. These are the average gutter repair costs per story:


  • One-story home:    $170+
  • Two-story home:    $345+
  • Three stories or more:   $500+

Cost of Seamless Gutter Repair vs. Sectional Gutter Repair

Your type and price of a gutter repair will also be affected. Sectional gutters are made up of shorter gutter sections and cost more to repair than seamless gutters. Because seamless gutters are more labor-intensive and require more materials to repair than sectional gutters,

Here are the average prices to replace seamless or sectional gutters.


  • Seamless gutters:  $170-$300
  • Sectional gutters:   $100-$245

Other Gutter Repair Factors

These are some other factors that can influence the cost of gutter repair:


Types of Repairs

DIY (do it yourself) repairs are more affordable than professional repairs. Incorrectly installing gutters made of zinc or copper can lead to more costly problems down the road. If you have high-end gutters or want to replace a section of gutters, we recommend hiring a professional gutter expert.


Current Gutters Condition

A technician might charge an additional fee to clean your gutters or downspouts if they are in poor condition.

Roof Design 

The design of your roof and obstructions like exterior buildings can increase the cost of gutter repair. Repairing gutters on steep roofs or other surfaces takes extra time and effort.


Repairs of high-end gutters such as copper gutters come at a higher cost.

What Affects the Cost of Gutter Repair?

The cost of repairs for clogged gutters and downspouts will vary depending on whether they are leaking, damaged, sagging, or dented. The cost of gutter repairs will vary depending on the amount of labor required, the height of your building, and the tax.

Material costs for gutters

Aluminum is the most popular gutter material, whether sectional or seamless. Galvanized steel and vinyl are also used in gutters. However, commercial buildings are more likely to have steel gutters than residential ones. Contractors advise against vinyl gutters, which are often cheaply made and can become brittle over time. The cost of repair can be affected by the gutter material, particularly if whole sections need to be replaced.

Copper gutters can be more expensive than aluminum and cost upwards of $25 per foot (compared to $5 for aluminum).

Surrounding surfaces

Gutter systems can have other surfaces around them, which may impact the cost of repair. If gutters do not drain water properly, it may damage wood fascia boards or soffits. Professional gutter contractors can fix these problems for an additional charge to cover labor and materials.

Cleaning your gutters

Gutter installer Rapid city says that keeping your gutters clear of debris is the best way to avoid repairing them. Gutter repair professionals are also skilled in gutter cleaning and maintenance. They can also install leaf protection or make repairs to prevent buildup and keep your gutters in good working order.


It is important not to mess with water damage in your home. In addition to causing structural damage, water damage can also cause leaks and mold growth. You can get professional help with your gutter repairs. Getting quality results, reducing errors, and avoiding recurring problems will be easier.