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Why Tiles?

Dec 17

Why Tiles?

Beautiful, Enduring

The best roofing material for durability and quality is distinctive, beautiful, and sustainable tile. Tile's natural aesthetics are highly prized for thousands of years. Now, you can add a variety of shapes, profiles, colors, and designs to enhance your home. Tile is more durable than asphalt shingles and wood shakes because it retains its color over time.


Tile offers more than just beautiful looks. Tile roofs last for decades and are extremely resistant to fire, water, wind, snow, and insects. The best thing about a tile roof is that it lasts for many years.


Tile is the best roofing material. Concrete and clay can be molded to look like wood shakes or chipped stone, as well as traditional barrel and s-shaped profiles. There is a match made for every architectural style.

Energy Efficient

Tile roofs offer exceptional thermal properties in virtually all climates and geographical areas. They reduce heat loss and gain. The natural air ventilation created by the tiles under the roof creates a heat transfer barrier that can be used to cool a house and warm it in winter. This can reduce energy costs by up to 20%


Tile is made of raw materials that do not deplete natural resources. This is in contrast to petroleum-based roofing like asphalt shingles. No preservatives are used in tile roofing. Waste from manufacturing can be immediately recycled and reused instead of being disposed of.

Solid Investment

The cost per year for tile roofs is incredible. Customers who choose a concrete or clay tile roof will be able to enjoy the beauty, quality, energy efficiency, sustainability, and aesthetics for a lifetime.


Benefits and features of tile roofing


Color Variety
Concrete and clay tiles can be found in a variety of colors.
 Styles and Profiles
Roof tiles are versatile and can match any architectural style. The tiles can be either flat or round and mimic wood shakes or centuries-old roofing materials.
 Increased Value
Appraisal credits are more important for houses that sell faster.


Tile roofs have the lowest cost per year of any roofing material. Today, centuries-old tile roofs are still in use.
 Fire resistance both a product or as a system, tiles are fire-resistant Class A.
 High Wind Resistance
The strength of concrete and clay tile roofing has been tested.
 Hail Resistance
Concrete and clay tiles can resist hailstone damage that is larger than a golf ball and is tested using FM4473 to test for hail resistance.
 Seismic Testing
If tile roofs were installed according to the current fastening requirements they will exceed current seismic load requirements.


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